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1 Law 4 All

by Billy Angel

Addicted to Politics?
Believe politicians should live by the same laws as us?
Billy Angel's 1 Law 4 All series will have you cheering for the good guys!

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1 Law 4 All

 The Novel 1 Law 4 All is an aggressive tale portraying the inner workings of a brutal, power hungry US Representative. This is a saga of revenge erupting from a catastrophic event in the life of a young Samoan girl Kitiona Tuafa. She reluctantly leaves her home in American Samoa to find her family's killers at all costs. Her quest begins in the City of San Francisco whose exotic Senator has direct connections to her father's factory and his attempt to create better working conditions for his coworkers. Striking out on her own, eventually her and her new friends investigation uncover a web of corruption that seemingly has no end!

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1 Law 4 All - Vegas

 1 Law 4 All - Vegas is the second novel in the 1 Law 4 All series. Vegas dives into the heart of political corruption in the American Southwest where a US Senator made millions in land speculation.Vegas dances from adventure to adventure beginning with the mysterious disappearance of Mark's twin sister, Janelle. From American Samoa, Kitiona calls on her 1 Law 4 All Foundation pals to investigate. Soon the 1 Law 4 All Foundation is confronted with factions from the American and Asian mobs and a Fast and Furious Mexican cartel. Together our story parleys the into a web of political deceit involving a US Senator


1 Law 4 All - Gator

Our ‘1 Law 4 All’ gang is dragged into a complex multinational, NEVER USED election fraud scheme. The gang’s client champions fair and free elections. The battle lines are drawn. The political windmills established. The 1 Law 4 All Foundation teams with a voter justice group to ensure no tampering with the coming national election, especially in Florida, gator country. The story’s deception rides a trail through the Russian mafia in Moscow, Brooklyn and Atlanta. They involve the daughter of made, East Coast mobster and his brother. Follow the friction and jaw-dropping revelations between two international gangster groups.


About the Author


Billy Angel was born in the Midwest and educated on the West Coast. He has bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in various fields and founded Sunset Angel Productions, LLC.


He works part-time as a basketball consultant and authors a political blog seeking justice for the American people. He believes in a common-sense approach to governance and lives in Hawaii with his wife, Roberta.

He wrote the “1 Law 4 All” series, which features a racially and ethnically diverse cast of characters who delve into the depths of governmental corruption. Authentic characters are paired with intense plotting and tense situations in these stories. 

Billy Angel's fascinating characters and mix of politics, humor, and adventure builds a gripping plot to keep readers turning pages.

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